make our own bag chain strap

Customise Your Bag with a Chic Chain Strap - Easy DIY Guide

Adding a new handbag strap can be a simple and affordable way to give your bag a fresh look. A chain strap is a popular choice for adding a touch of sophistication and shines to your handbag. In this blog, we'll show you how to create your custom chain strap to upgrade your bag in just a few easy steps.

Materials needed:

Step 1: Measure the chain

Before beginning, it's crucial to determine the desired length of the chain strap, taking into account the length of the clasps and jump rings. You may use a chain plier to cut the chain to your desired length. Check out our helpful post on How to Choose the Best Bag Strap Length for more information.

Make your own bag chain strap
how to make bag chain straps

Step 2: Open the jump rings

To open the jump ring, hold it with one plier and twist the other plier in the opposite direction. This will result in the jump ring opening. It is essential to open the jump ring just enough to add or remove components without causing any distortion to its shape.

Make your own bag chain strap

Step 3: Attach the chain and clasp

Slide the chain and clasp you want to add through the open jump ring. With the pliers, twist back together the two sides of the jump ring until they meet firmly, ensuring a secure closure without leaving any gaps between the two sides. Repeat the steps to the other side of the chain.

Make your own bag chain strap
Make your own bag chain strap

Step 4: Test the strap

Try the strap on your bag to make sure it's the right length and fits comfortably. If it's too long, simply remove a few links from the chain and reattach the jump rings and clasp.

Make your own bag chain strap

With these simple steps, you can create a custom chain strap for your handbag in no time! This DIY project is a great way to add a touch of personal style to your bag, and the options for customisation are endless. You can choose from a variety of chains, clasps, and jump rings to create a strap that perfectly complements your handbag. Happy crafting!